CinePilot provides next-level FPV drone footage for films, commercials and promotional videos. Unlike regular drones FPV drones offer a much more dynamic presentation as they don't have many limitations and are under full manual control of the pilot. This means they can flip, roll, even fly upside down, and offer a true acrobatic experience, something that a normal drone is not capable of doing.

With these capabilities FPV drones open up new possibilities for cinematic drone videography. For the past fifteen years Sander Sassen of CinePilot has been pushing the envelope of what is possible with FPV and advancing FPV technology at the same time. With this wealth of experience in FPV CinePilot can guarantee the most intense and jaw-dropping shots and deliver exactly what the client needs every single time.

Whether in- or outdoor, whether flying at 2km/h or 200km/h, CinePilot always creates captivating and engaging shots that will immerse, captivate and wow your audience, taking full advantage of this new first person view perspective FPV drones offer.

CinePilot is fully certified and has worked for clients all over the world. All of our FPV drones are meticulously constructed tailored to their specific purpose with unparalleled know-how of what makes them tick and using the best and most reliable technology available, CinePilot always delivers reliable performance.

Have a project? Get in touch! info@cinepilot.nl or call/Whatsapp: +31(0)651015475