Wilco Pleging

"Jaw-Dropping ..."

The first time I saw what Sander could do with a drone was jaw-dropping. For a special project we wanted to shoot the point of view of a bee flying through the auction of Royal Flora Holland in Aalsmeer. A delicate shoot, because of the many safety procedures, people and a process that couldn’t be stopped, risking thousands of euros. Sander took responsibility, was well prepared and finally did a great job. And not only me as a director, but also the DOP and client were very enthusiastic about his work.
Wilco Pleging
Wilco Pleging  |  IN2Content  |  www.in2content.nl
Jochem Feldberg

"Exceptional flying skills ..."

Working with Sander 'Sassy' Sassen is always a pleasure! When unique & awesome drone shots are needed, Sander is just one call away. He expands our team in a very relaxed way without any time pressure what so ever. Apart from his lovely character (he just looooves cats ;) his exceptional flying skills are among the best we have seen in the market to date.
Jochem Feldberg
Jochem Feldberg  |  The Flying Dutchmen  |  www.theflyingdutchmen.com
Erwij Eijpe

"A rare quality ..."

We’ve worked with other drone pilots before, but weren’t really prepared for what Sander could do! Not just his piloting is next-level, but he’s is a team player with a great eye for making cinematic shots, a rare quality that guarantees we call him every time we need drone footage!
Wilco Pleging
Erwin Eijpe  |  Hokus Fokus  |  www.hokusfokus.nl



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